GRIT: get fitter faster at Selby Leisure Centre

GRIT - challenge yourself!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the new craze that is taking the nation by storm. HIIT workouts are short, fast and proven to provide better results than any other type of training, and leading global fitness brand Les Mills has just launched Les Mills GRIT Series - the hottest HIIT programme yet.

Les Mills GRIT Series is the 30-minute, hardcore, programme that is designed to make users hot under the collar, pushing them to their max, and beyond.


There are three different classes in the Series: Les Mills GRIT Cardio, Les Mills GRIT Strength and Les Mills GRIT Plyo, each of which has been specially designed to deliver the specific benefits people want, whether it's burning fat, toning torsos or building muscle.

Les Mills GRIT Cardio (burns around 600 calories) is the explosive workout that involves 30-minutes of extreme fat burn, and carries on burning fat for hours after the class has finished. Les Mills GRIT Strength (burns around 400 calories) is the workout that offers a whole new level of muscle training, blasting all major muscle groups to leave users with lean, toned muscle. Les Mills GRIT Plyo (burns around 500 calories) is the workout that is based on the principles of Plyometrics and builds a powerful, agile, athletic body.



Why get GRIT?

Les Mills GRIT Series workouts are perfect for anybody who doesn't have a lot of time to exercise but wants to get fit, and stay fit. All Les Mills classes are scientifically backed, and proven all around the world. Every class is packed full of chart-topping music, inspiring qualified instructors, and the latest cutting-edge choreography, delivering a total live group effect experience.


Slow down ageing

Not only is GRIT amazing for getting in shape but, according to research, it can even help slow down ageing. Research published in the American Journal of Physiology shows that this type of training triggers mitochondrial biogenesis, a decline of which is common in aging.


How much does GRIT cost?

GRIT is a premium exercise system and as such is additional to the cost of your membership. Each GRIT Series session costs £6, and can be booked at Selby Leisure Centre's welcome desk.


Get involved

Les Mills GRIT Series is available at Selby Leisure Centre. Check out the Selby Leisure Centre exercise class timetable to find out when you can get into Les Mills GRIT Cardio, Les Mills GRIT Strength and Les Mills GRIT Plyo.